Rona began songwriting at the age of 9 years. Rona has won awards for her songs, had excellent reviews of her songs by Producers in the music industry. Rona will lead these workshop and one to one songwriting sessions.

Rona A. Ryan

Rona is running a range of songwriting workshops, where You will learn about the various elements of writing a song;  melody, rhythm, chords, harmonies, tempo, timbre, dynamics, form, lyrics, arrangements and song collaboration,  genres and how to develop yourself as a songwriter

There is an age limit of 14 years but no upper limit. You do not need to audition and your writing can be of any style.

Not only is the an opportunity to develop but if you attend the workshop you will meet other writers and this also contributes to your learning experience. There will opportunities to enter songwriting competitions also.


If you do not play an instrument, we can arrange for your song to be recorded in our studio with session musicians and singers.

This is a wonderful opportunity for your development as a writer.

Fees for recording can be found on our book sessions page.


Songwriting With Professional Singer/Songwriter 

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