School Community Earth Choir

Children In School Choir Being Encourage

Willow Green House is offering local schools the opportunity to engage in a school Earth Choir. The choir is unique as not only will this bring your school community together, it will also bring the opportunity to take part in the most wonderful Global event 'One Earth Choir' day which takes place on February 21st every year. There are range of choirs from around the world that take part. Your choir will learn through songs message music which is about caring for the environment we live in.


There will also be opportunities to perform to the public raising awareness, a competition between  local schools and the winning school will get to record their performance. There will also be an opportunity to come together with other school communities, using the gift of voice to unite with others that share the passion of singing and who care for the earth. There are also school projects that can be developed should your school wish to undertake a topical project and raise real awareness about our planet. 


Choirs bring unity and friendship and work as a therapy to raise the spirits of those who take part. Why not lift the mood of your school community and engage with us to create a wonderful Earth Choir and experience a little bit of heaven and something  for your community to be proud of.