Recording Opportunities

Special Event Recording

  We have various recording packages available to you;


  • Are you a songwriter but not a musician? Then consider our session package, where you provide a song  and we will turn it into something quite amazing, using session musicians and vocalists. 

  • Are you a singer/songwriter who wants to record some of your work? Then singer/songwriter package may be best for you. You will come into the studio and work with our Sound Engineer/Producer. You will book a slot according to how much time you will need.

  •  Do you want to create a demo? Then the Demo package may be best for you. 

  •  Or perhaps you want to gain some experience recording? Then our 'Learn How' package may be your best option. You will spend time with our Sound Engineer and learn some of the basics. You will also have the opportunity to record.

  • Do you have a special occasion? We do recording packages for special occasions which is ideal for those who want to have some fun. We offer solo packages and packages for 2 people. This package  makes an unusual but very special gift. We do events such as:                                                    

  • Christmas Gifts

  • Anniversaries 

  • Weddings 

  • Birthdays

If you want to make that moment last, then do it. You're never too young, you're never to old to record your special song!