This is a wonderful hamper which will make any young lady proud to own. The Little Miss Sparkle Hamper will make a beautiful Christmas Gift and hosts items that have been carefully selected and put together for any occasion. Included in the  hamper is the  gemstone Mother of Pearl, which is a powerful and very symbolic stone. This symbolism is because of the stone's ability to attract wealth and generate a better income for whoever wears the stone. Besides attracting money and good fortune, Mother of Pearl also symbolizes good luck and prosperity. The hamper includes:

  • A Mother of Pearl Bangle set in Sterling Silver, opens and has a safety chain.
  • Unicorn Jewellery Box with locks and keys
  • Musical Mouse Ballerina
  • Stertling Silver Demante Snowflake on Sterling Silver chain
  • Sterling Silver Angel Charm Bracelet
  • Red Dream Catcher

Little Miss Sparkle Hamper


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