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What is Happiness

A man once told Buddha, ‘I want happiness.’ Buddha replied, ‘First remove ‘I’; That’s ego. Then remove ‘want’ that’s desire. And now all you’re left with is happiness’ (Buddha).

So what is happiness? Happiness means different things to different people. Some people are money driven and others search for happiness in others. Neither of these will bring you happiness. Being happy does not for one minute mean that everything is perfect, it means you are prepared to look beyond imperfections. Being happy is considered to be extremely personal, as only you hold the answers to your own happiness. Once you really get to know yourself you will understand what happiness is to you. Some times we take the smallest of steps and need assurance as we go, just like a baby taking it’s first steps. However small if the steps are in the right direction these can be the biggest steps in your entire life! Never forget, happiness is a choice and it begins when you decide to choose what to accept and what you must let go.

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