So What is an Earth Choir?

Updated: Mar 20

Our Earth Choir is a non-political and non-religious group that has the uniting power of singing together as we celebrate life and nature.

Greetings to you all.

Being part of an Earth Choir is a wonderful and unique experience.

To be part of the Earth Choir every year on February 21st at 11.00 am GMT/UTC we join where we join people around the globe, from seven continents to come together online to sing in unity. Although we have many different native languages, we have only one humanity and music is the symbol of human language. The aim is quite straight forward:

Together we engage people from all countries and all continents, singing in concerts for the planet.

The purpose of the Earth Choir is to unite people through music. Through songs we can cellebrate the world we live in and work with others all over the globe every year, supporting each other as we appreciate our planet. We hope that when we unite with the rest of the world that we will stand together to raise awareness of global warming and the sustainability challenges we face.

Every country in the world has a variety of melodies and in every culture there are songs about nature. These are songs that honour the beauty and richness of Mother Earth and songs reminding us of nature’s great impact on our lives.

Halton Earth Choir meet weekly to sing together and cellerbrate our unity. Where the weather permits, our choir will take part outside, bare feet to make that special connection with the earth. We will sing songs written especially for our Choir and we will take up opportunities to share our voices with others across Halton.


Voice was the first instrument of all time and everyone has a voice and whether you have already been using yours in different ways or you've never used yours to sing before, there is a place here for you in Halton Earth Choir. Some of the areas we will cover in our time together will include:

  • Singing with others

  • Learning new songs

  • Celebrate the Earth together

  • Share our music with others within the Community

  • Sing with the Global Earth Chior yearly on February 21st

  • Make a connection with this wonderful world where we live

  • Sing natural harmanies together

  • Learn a capella

  • At times use instruments to support our singing

  • Discuss what we feel the earth brings each one of us

  • Support one and other

  • Grow and bond as a group

  • Value each other

There are no auditions, and no experience needed. If you have a passion for singing and a passion for our planet or Mother Nature that is all you will ever need. For those who want to learn more about singing and learn more about cellebrating the planet, then this is also the place to be. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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