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How do we find inner peace?

We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves (Buddha). A thought for today! How do we find inner peace? The world may seem as being a mad place which is simply out your control. But when it comes to yourself, you are in the driving seat, you can make the changes which will positively influence the world! Wherever change is needed, always start with yourself! So here is your guidance today: Be mindful and try to live in the present moment. Try to enjoy the here and now. Smell the air, look at the trees and recognise and appreciate the moment you are in. There are things in life that can change and things that can't. Try to identify these, work to change the things that you can but accept the things that you can't with love and compassion. Forgive and this is important as until you have done this, you can not move forward with inner peace. When you won't forgive you walk your journey with a stone in your heart. Meditate regularly which will calm your thoughts and keep things in perspective. Through meditation, you develop the strength of will to withstand a confusing world. Anxiety, tension or stress will be slowly fade away. Changes such as these promote your health and your wellbeing. Willow Green offers mindfulness classes, meditation classes, spiritual development, laughter therapy, Gospel style singing along with various other therapies. Come and meet with us, we look forward to seeing you soon.

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