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Commissioning A Book







Why not take part in a school project? There are three different projects available for Key Stage 2 students and all projects are cross-curricular and designed to provide the students with a meaningful and purposeful learning experience that is unique to your school.

Project One - A School Fairytale - Up to 6500 words

Rona works with the students to create a short story. As she guides this project your students will learn about the 7 key elements of narrative and the process of layout and production. Once the students have completed the story and drawings, it will be produced and copies will be made available for your school library. Additional copies may be ordered by the school should parents wish to purchase. The book will belong to the school.

Project Two - Memoir of Your School - Up to 6500 words

Rona will work with your students in gathering information and the history of the school, along with photographs from past to present. Rona will guide the students to create the book, and they will learn how to select material for inclusion. The style of the book will be discussed and agreed at the start. The book will be produced and copies will be provided for the school library. 

Project Three - Book of Poetry

Rona will work with students in Key Stage 2 to examine poetry, the various styles and some famous poets. Creative stimuli will be provided and the students will each create a poem based on one of the stimulus provided. Your students will also create drawings that support the poems and this will be included in the schools very own Book of Poems.

The book will be produced and copies will be provided for the school library and the school may order additional copies, should parents wish to purchase.

Included in the price is the cost of lessons and the resources.  10 Copies of the Book with additional copies available if required.

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