Have you ever looked at some professional singers and thought I could do better than that? Have you ever thought that song is great but the singer is only ok? Let me tell you about those singers! They have worked hour after hour with their vocal coaches with the aim of becoming the best that they can be, and that takes dedication and commitment. They didn't just send an mp3 or stick a disc in the post, they are where they are because they have discovered what kind of an artist they are, they have learned to be comfortable in their own skin on and off stage.

Also, they have learned about how to perform, the right songs to sing , they have been shown how to present themselves, they have been taught and learned self discipline. They have learned how to place emotion within a song, how to deliver the song they are singing. They have professional attitudes from an early age, they have gone to open mic nights, entered competitions and seen rejection as positive outcome to learn from and they do not have time for tears.

These are the artists that persevere because they are confident in their strengths and work hard to improve their weaknesses. These are the artists who know exactly what they are doing because they are prepared as a whole person and as an artist.

Many years ago people criticised Madonna, most said she couldn't really sing. It was said she was a dancer and an ok singer at the most. Well, look at Madonna now she was an artist who worked hard at being the best she could be, and was determined, focussing on what she needed to do and did it. She is one of the most hard working and successful performers, bringing us amazing shows for decades.