Nala                 Blog Dog and Therapy Dog

Nala came to us in February 2019. She had previously been used for breeding and had been neglected. She had lived with numerous dogs and several children and presented as submissive and lacked confidence.  Within the first week, it was discovered that Nala had a large tumor on her mammary gland and she needed surgery. Fortunately, the tumor was benign and she received the all-clear from her vet.


Nala joined the Willow Green team in March 2019. She loves to meet and greet our customers in her very calm manner. She just knows when someone is in need of her love and she freely gives it. Nala has made many friends at Willow Green and she looks forward to meeting them all, especially her friends that bring her treats. Nala loves being in the shop and she would love to snaffle the fig melts if given half the chance. Nala also contributes to Willow's Blogs where she will write a 'thought for the day'.

Just like Nala's friends that visit us, she likes a massage now and then and loves the crystal light therapy, but her favorite activity is being the centre of attention with our lovely customers and she may at times want you to hold her paw so she feels like an Empress! Nala looks forward to meeting and greeting you all soon. Love and light x


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