Crystal Light Therapy Bed


When you arrive at Willow Green House, you will be taken to the therapy room where you  lie on the therapy bed fully clothed, facing upwards. Then, you will have a white sheet placed over you 

During the session you will be exposed to the spectral light Crystal Therapy, Chromatherapy (Colour Therapy), and a soothing sound  whilst you relax and absorb the power of the lights and their colours. 

 It’s a great preventative modality and helps you balance your mind, body, soul & spirit.

Following the session it is advisable to rest and drink several glasses of water over the next few hours to help rid the body of any toxins  released through the cleansing action of the Crystal healing. 










What are the benefits?

  • Improvements in health conditions

  • Feeling more energy and vitality

  • Feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and peaceful

  • Eliminate stress, depression, migraines, anxiety, panic attacks, and tensions in your body