Childrens Books by Rona A.Ryan


Rona has always been creative and she has written over the years Songs, Musicals, Poems and Childrens books. Rona is a published author and her books are available on Amazon

Rona also works with schools and details of this can be found on the  'Our Work With Schools' page.

Below is a brief overview of some of Rona's recent creations. You can also visit Rona's book website at:

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Lunar the Courageous Bulldog

'The Magic Forest'

Lunar is a courageous Bulldog. She has outstanding bravery when fighting evil, to save the great Wise Wolf in the Magic Forest. Through the power of words, never raising a paw, she uses her gifts and powers to overcome the Elves of 'Evelin the Evil', a sorcerer who lives in the Dark Forest. 'Evelin the Evil' constantly plots to take control of the world.


Throughout Lunar’s adventure, she will learn the importance of staying focused, standing up for what is right, promote positive thought, learn about the needs of others and help the Wise Wolf regain his health while she secures the Magic Forest. Lunar will show the reader how to develop natural strategies, in coping with life's difficulties.

Most importantly the reader will have fun with Lunar as she meets her unusual friends travelling through the Magic Forest.

christmas story.jpg

This is a unique Christmas Rhyme in Prose short story which brings a little message to children. This is a beautifully illustrated book and a story which is unique. 

A Christmas Story

The Miracle of Speech