About Us

The origin of Willow Green House

Willow Green House was created by Rona Ryan to promote wellbeing through the use of a wide range products from Gifts, Specialist Hampers, Spiritual Gifts such as healing balls and Music, through to gifts for special occasions, Incense, Crystals, Jewellery and much more. We believe it is important to provide you with the opportunity to purchase 'Thoughtful  or Meaningful Gifts, for yourself or someone special without the stress of shopping during this time of uncertainty.  


Over time we have come to realise that our lifestyle choices can bring about stress and anxiety in addition to other mental health or wellbeing impacts through our working roles. We live in a society where we fail to take time for ourselves, which can leave our busy and overstretched lives in a crisis, with the risk of this leading to mental health and emotional issues. This can then lead on to physical ailments too. It is crucial that we come to identify this and put in place the 'ME' time that our lives so desperately need. 


Willow Green House offers holistic Gifts and Hampers that can help you or a loved one in getting started on the wellbeing path. Whether you look to spoil yourself or a loved one, or you want to consider healthy eating, treat someone to breakfast in bed, or something to bring the family together, you will find it all here at Willow Green House. We also offer Bespoke Hampers and this is where you can have a hamper put together with items that you have chosen from our shop. Willow Green House also specialises in Healing Crystals, Positive Affirmation Cards. Birth Stones, Jewellery, Incense Sticks, Essential Oils but to mention a few. 

Willow Green House offers online services via email which includes, Absent Healing, Dream Analysis, Spiritual Guidance, Tarot Reading

Whatever the occasion or the item you are lookg for we can provide it. We sincerely look forward to working with you.



Our Mission

Empower & Heal

Willow Green House is a therapy centre and gift shop. Most of our therapies are based on their authentic origins and this helps to provide treatment(s) that combine wisdom and allure of ancient health, to renew your body, mind, soul and emotion.

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