About Us

The origin of Willow Green House

Willow Green House was created to bridge the gap in the NHS and offers a Holistic service that

provide Complementary and Alternative Therapies.


Throughout Rona's career as a Social Worker, she has gained experience working with those, whose well-being was in question. This was the case for many reasons, including health concerns, illness, lack of insight or as a result of lifestyle choices and stress. While working within the Local Authority she was able to see the many problematic areas within the person’s life that could not be addressed or met by the NHS or the Local Authority. she noticed, in many cases, the symptoms were being treated and not the root cause. Often a prescription for pain relief was prescribed without identifying the real reason behind the pain. On occasions, it was clear that the individual’s pain was emotional furthermore, as the brain cannot tell the difference between emotional and physical pain, the individual was not supported. Most of the time, even the Local Authority were unable to assist. Rona noted that stress, anxiety, and depression were present in many cases and most individuals would be signposted to other services where waiting lists were unimaginably large or the person was not eligible. Time was another key issue. When the patient was seen, they would feel rushed and felt they were not able to disclose everything affecting them. In addition to this, due to stretched resources and time constraints, there was a lack of empathy shown by professionals, which could leave the individual feeling misunderstood, needing interest and no care shown. At times this could cause additional upset and anxiety.


Willow Green House offers holistic and alternative services, which are also complimentary. We will work with yourself to establish what treatment/s would be most beneficial to you. We will gather the necessary information, where we can make recommendations. We will then discuss all of the options available to you, creating a package that suits your individual needs. Willow Green House creates a bespoke service for the individual, providing as much or as little support that is acceptable or wanted.



Our Mission

Empower & Heal

Willow Green House is a therapy centre and gift shop. Most of our therapies are based on their authentic origins and this helps to provide treatment(s) that combine wisdom and allure of ancient health, to renew your body, mind, soul and emotion.


126 Greenway Rd, Runcorn WA7 5BS, UK

01928 371689


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