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Willow Green House

Where you can simply be your best

Alternative Therapy

Using Sound, Voice and Music

  • Pitch Control

  • Confidence

  • Volume and Style

  • Self Awareness

  • Presentation


Developing Your Perfect Sound

 Regular practice is crucial to your development  and through a series of sessions we will look at areas such as:

  • Vocal Warm-Ups

  • Vocal Exercises

  • Vocal Health

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Posture

  • Strengthening Vocal Chords


We will identify areas of strength and address areas that need work and support you to become your best. You will be given a choice of songs as exercises' so that you can use them outside of lessons, thus ensuring you develop good habits.

Let us help you to find your voice. Remember singing is for everyone, regardless of your age, experience or style.

We look forward to working with you

An Array of Choice

If Music Is Food For The Soul. We Are The Chef

Let Us Help You Discover Your Unique Sound


We're The Masters Of Relaxation

Mother and Daughter Having Fun

Our Sound Therapy Sessions For Mother & Infant Are Quite Magical!

We offer Mum and New Born Sessions, Post Natal Sessions for Relaxation and Healing, in addition to our other sound sessions.

 To give your toddler the best start to their learning, join our sessions, where they will sing & play instruments, with the addition of sound therapy.


This will assist their learning but most importantly this will send them good energy making them as happy as they can be. 

Singing woman in a recording studio.jpg

The Benefits of Recording:

Heightens practice efficiency

Self-recording heightens efficiency in practice by not only thwarting distorted perception but also boosting accuracy.

Prevents Distorted Perception

Self-recording prevents distorted perception because you're able to evaluate our work without any interference from the actions of generating the music. If your intonation drifts in a certain part of the song, you would hear this from the recording for yourself and understand the issue better. 

Sharpens Musicianship


When recording, we can gauge every facet of our playing or singing with an impartial ear.

Whether we record a single phrase in a practice room or a full-length concert performance, we can stand back and listen as if someone else had produced the music then make adjustments accordingly 

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